FISA Inclusion Criteria

The general remit of the Subbuteo Database website is to record all performances achieved by all registered athletes from around the Globe, in line with agreed entry standards, in order to maintain a clear and accurate record of how performances are improving in all areas and across all age groups.

Generally such performances are entered by the site hosts in association with Subbuteo International and so for the vast majority of events there is no need for you to do anything.

However, the site can only include verifiable performances in bona-fide competitions where the level of officiating is of a consistent standard.

In general all club and higher level competitions will be included. However, we, in agreement with all relevant organisations, such as the Schools Subbuteo Associations, will only be including schools meetings at county area and higher levels.

Subbuteo performances will also be excluded that otherwise meet the criteria when:

  • The level of officiating is not of an acceptable standard.

  • Grounds were not at the appropriate height.

  • Matches in tournaments that were not refereed by official referees and not recorded direct to Subbuteo Database

For Mini Subbuteo & Exhibition Events, we include performances from Mini Subbuteo that have been awarded a FISA license either by Mini Subbuteo or one of the World’s National Governing Bodies.

In Exhibition Events, the scores, results, rankings points etc recorded for rankings purposes, will be the "organizer’s" scores (Relevant Subbuteo County Personel). This is to ensure consistency over all Exhibition Events both now and in the past to reflect that rankings represent a record of performances done under direct competition whereby the results of an Exhibition Event are ordered by the order that Subbuteo players finished after a common start. This is also the common method used by statisticians worldwide.

We do recognise that in some large Exhibition Events some athletes may not have a clear understanding as soon as their first match starts and so, when available, we will also endeavor to record "help" matches and to present these alongside the "official" match results to assist the reader in comparing performances.

Further, the Exhibition Events rankings shown on the site are taken from performances on actual Subbuteo Exhibition events (not any other forms of table football) matches, tournaments, where the venue has a Subbuteo certificate and where the venue, as measured/certified, was actually played by the competitors.

Friendlies in any kind of form are beyond the direct remit of Subbuteo Database but we will endeavour to include performances from the all competitions and matches in these areas in line with the general entry standards and the above meeting inclusion criteria.