Event Codes Explained

Each different event is given an event code. Some are obvious, others less so

  • CAL  Denotes County Area League (e.g. CAL4 = County Area League 4)

  • ICAL  Denotes Inter-County Areas League (e.g. ICAL3 = Inter-County Areas League 3. 

  • CL County League

  • ND National Division

  • Gender & Age groups  e.g. U20W , U15M

  • Dis Disability

  • WC  Wheelchair

  • S  Singles Competition

  • D   Doubles Competition

  • T  Team

  • C  Club

  • CAT  County Area Team

  • CT   County Team

  • RT  Regional Team

  • NT  National Team

  • CONT  Confederation Team

  • CAC  County Area Club

  • CC   County Club

  • RC  Regional Club

  • NC  National Club

  • CA/ICA/R/N,C County Area/Inter-County Areas/Regional/National Cup

  • NSC  National Super Cup

  • CONFL Confederation League

  • CONFCL  Confederation Champions League

  • CONFSC  Confederation Super Cup

  • WSC  World Super Cup

  • CO  County Open

  • CA/ICA,C County Area/Inter-County Areas Cup

  • CACup  County Area Cup

  • ICACup  Inter-County Areas Cup

  • CCup  County Cup

  • CA/ICA,CH County Area/Inter-County Areas Championships

  • CACH  County Area Championships

  • ICACH  Inter-County Areas Championships

  • CCH  County Championships

  • ICC  Inter-Counties Championships

  • IRC  Inter-Regional Championships

  • NOB  National Open B

  • NOA   National Open A

  • NOA&BF  National Open A&B Final

  • NCup  National Cup

  • NCH   National Championships

  • IOB  International Open B

  • IOA  International Open A

  • IOA&BF  International A&B Final

  • CONFC  Confederation Cup

  • CONFCH  Confederation Championships

  • WCup  World Cup

  • WCH   World Championships

  • NAD  e.g. some events where the Subbuteo certificates has not been officially there or FISA’s standards criteria measured but is thought to be "Near As Dammit" the advertised type of competition/event.

  • NS Non-standard event, such as missing corner flags, fences or non-standard goals. NS after any event code means the event is ineligible for the rankings.

  • NAH No appropriate height  of the Subbuteo Ground, so ineligible for the rankings.


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