Results search bar

You can use the Results search bar to see which meetings and events have been included. You may also narrow your search using various date/meeting name/venue parameters, including 'wildcard' searches using asterisks. When searching for results on the Results page it is often easiest to use the Meeting search box. Putting a * before and after a key word is often the most reliable search. For example *Leeds* will return both Leeds County Club and Leeds County Open.

Using both *s will bring up all results where Leeds features at any point in the Exhibition Events etc name.

Please note that the default 'Mini Subbuteo' includes Mini Subbuteo, M/W, S/D/T/C, U10 and disability results only; for others, eg U13/U15/U17/U20/S/V etc, use the “Exhibition” drop-down menu.

Non-FISA licensed events/legues/divisions etc will not be listed.

In the final column, 'full' means that we have included all performances; 'complete' means either a listing of only those performances which exceed rankings standards.