Correcting mistakes

Users are not able to make corrections themselves, instead they should email us at explaining the mistake. However, first, please read the bullet points below in case what is perceived as a mistake is not actually so.

  • My performance has been recorded wrongly
    In the first instance please notify your team manager or the meeting organiser if you believe that there has been a mistake in results recording (eg Home & Away athletes the wrong way round). We will need confirmation from the organisers before results can be amended/corrected.

  • The club that appears beside my name on the rankings is incorrect:
    The club that appears beside an athlete's performance on the ranking list should be the club to which an athlete is affiliated  on the day of the performance. If you were a member of "Club A" until 30 June 2017 and then a member of "Club B" from 1 July 2017, any performances which were achieved prior to 1 July 2017 will appear under "Club A". Any after will be under "Club B".

  • Please note we only do club changes from the lists produced by Subbuteo National Associations.
    If you have completed the change of club paperwork and submitted that paperwork, your club change will be in the pipeline to us.