My performance is missing

There are several reasons why performances may be missing from your profile and/or the rankings. The most common reasons are noted below as well as what to do in these instances.

  • Your performance has been imported onto the site but hasn't been assigned to your profile:
    When performances are added to the site our system tries to automatically assign them to an athlete's profile. However, it relies on the information in the official results closely matching the information we have in our database.

    If your performance has not been added to your profile, please log in, search for your name in the Results, and click on the envelope icon to the right of your name. This will initiate an automated message to us to assign the performance to your profile. Team managers, organisers and others can also can also log in and notify us of performance assignments in this way. Instructions on clicking the envelope are at the top of all our Results pages:

    “Has your performance not been assigned to your profile yet? Just click the envelope beside your performance below to notify us and get it on your profile.”

    Due to the large number of people in our database we rely on the Name, Age Group and Club of an athlete in order to know whose performance it is. If your Name, Age Group and/or Club in the official results does not match the details we have for you in our database then we cannot be certain that the performance is "yours".

    Often it is just basic spelling mistakes which cause problems preventing performances from being assigned. Our team does their best to assign as many performances as possible but those which meet the rankings standards are prioritised.

  • We are not including performances from that particular fixture:
    Although we process the vast majority of fixtures, some are omitted since we can only include verifiable performances in bona-fide competitions where the level of officiating is of a consistent standard.

    For example, in agreement with all relevant organisations, such as the Schools Subbuteo Associations, we will only be including schools meetings at county area and higher levels.

    Further reasons for performances being excluded are if:

    • The level of officiating is not of an acceptable standard and/or the meeting did not have a FISA permit.

    • Mini Subbuteo or Exhibition Event were not affiliated to the National Subbuteo Association.

    • Heights in Grounds were not recorded to 1mm.

    • Performances are part of a Mini Subbuteo or Exhibition Event .

  • We have not received/found the official results yet:
    If the fixture name in the "Meeting" column on the results page is red (i.e. a link to the official results, see right for example) then we have received the results, if it is black then we have not.

    If you are the meeting organiser, please confirm this to us and if you have a copy of any results we are missing, please send them to or log in and use the respective "submit" link on the results page. We will then process them and add the performances as soon as possible.

  • We have not processed the results yet:
    Once we have received the official results from a fixture, we have to collate them into a format which can then be imported into our database. For International Open A&B including the Final, National Cups & Championships, Confederation Cups & Championships and World CUP & Championships we aim to have imported the performances within 24 hours of receiving the results. 

  • Your performance appears on your profile but not on the rankings:
    This might happen for a few reasons:

    • The ranking pages are on a cache to speed up performance. This means that, unlike profile pages, they do not update immediately. As the cache for the ranking pages refreshes every few hours it is possible that, if we have added your performance to the site very recently, the rankings will not have refreshed yet to include it. If you think this could be the case, please check again in a few hours- time.

    • Your performance might not be inside the cut-off. Because we usually only add performances within certain standards, our ranking pages use these standards as an upper limit to ensure accuracy.

      If your performance isn't inside this limit, it won't show on the default lists. We do give users the option to include all performances on the ranking lists, regardless of standard. For information on this please see the details on the Extended Rankings Section. N.B. though that as soon as you take the upper limit away, we can no longer guarantee the accuracy of the rankings as there will be many performances outside our standards that are missing.

    • Other factors prevent it from being included. For example, in Exhibition Events, if the venue is found to be uncertified then the performance will be removed from the rankings; or if we are informed that Grounds were set at the wrong height. If something like this is the case, you will usually be able to tell by looking at the event code. If it contains "NS" or "SHORT" or similar then it is ineligible for the rankings. Please see the Event Code Explained section for more information on these. We will normally also put a note in the internal result page detailing why the performances are ineligible.

      Also, please note that Exhibition Events done on a non Subbuteo certified Venue or on a non Subbuteo certified Ground are not eligible for the rankings due to the fact that their heights (and floor elevations) cannot be measured accurately enough.

  • Past performances are missing:
    We only started collecting data in 2017 and initially our standards for inclusion were harder than they are now. As such, many past performances will not be on the site. We have added thousands of past performances so that our "All Time" ranking lists are correct but these are generally only the very best World performances.

    People are currently able to add their past performances themselves via the Submit Performance Form. But please note: we require some way to verify all performances added to the site. A direct working weblink is required. However there are clearly huge problems in obtaining verification for performances where results cannot be found on the internet. In these cases, the best course of action is for you add the performances using the above link and then to email us scans of the official results or the results as they appeared in old issues of FISA or other National Subbuteo Associations if you have them. We recognise that this could be difficult for many people but we require verification to preserve the accuracy of the data on the site.

  • It is a performance from abroad:
    We will include performances by all athletes regardless of where they are achieved. However, it is a lot harder for us to find or be notified of performances from abroad fixtures which is why such performances, even if they are within our standards, might be missing. If you have overseas performances missing please click here and follow the instructions.

  • It is a performance achieved by an U6:
    We do not produce rankings lists for U6 (or younger) performances. FISA rules are only applicable to U10s (minimum age is 6) and above. However if an U6 athlete achieves a performance within the standards for U10s it will be shown in the U10 rankings lists.


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