Mini Subbuteo & Exhibition Events FAQs

·  Which Mini Subbuteo results are eligible for inclusion?

We only include Mini Subbuteo results for events which hold a FISA, FISA Confederation or FISA National Association licence or permit. A full list of licensed Mini Subbuteo can be found at  (There's a past Mini Subbuteo archive button on the left for looking up older Mini Subbuteo).


National Mini Subbuteo results are included as shown on the relevant National Subbuteo governing body sites.

·  When will my result be added?

Mini Subbuteo organisers have up to 7 days to sort out any queries and make their results available, ideally by submitting via the Mini Subbuteo Directors Portal, under the terms of their FISA licence. Some may take a little longer. Most will be added within a few days of the event. Saturday events are imported on a Monday afternoon / evening and will normally be available by Monday evening / Tuesday morning.

Please keep an eye on the Results page (top centre). When the word "Full" appears to the right of the Mini Subbuteo name then the results are ready to check/claim. When the event name is in red - we are already aware of the results and they are in the processing queue or being monitored. If you click on the event name you will be taken to the Mini Subbuteo event where you can view your result.

Performances can be added to your profile either via the Mini Subbuteo rankings Add Performances page (top left) once logged in (select event categories, year then your event and enter your results as shown in the official results) or by clicking on the envelope next to your result using the Results page (top centre) - click on the word "Full" to see the top 1500 results. It will only work if you’re logged in. If you weren't in the top 1500 please use the Add performances method mentioned above. 

All results are processed, to the best of our knowledge and based on information made available, to reflect how the event/s actually happened on the day regardless of category, division and/or championships event taking place within each one. .

·  My result is wrong...

The results, which are archived within Mini Subbuteo rankings, are exactly the same as those produced by the organisers of each event. 

Please contact the event organisers in the first instance, to raise a query, if your result is wrong or you have transferred your ID. Once your result has been corrected please let us know and we will change it if, and only if, we can verify it against an updated official version. 

This also applies to friendlies results.

If there is a minor spelling mistake in your personal details or club details you can still claim your result by logging in and then clicking on the envelope beside it. If there were more than 1500 people in the race and you were outside the top 1500 people please contact for assistance.

·  Why has my result been rounded up?

Results are rounded up as per FISA rules

“For all events, the certified standards shall be measured to 1 ranking point and recorded.

Note: The official measure shall be the measure given by the organizer (Subbuteo County Personel)

·  Can I add my result from abroad?

Abroad events are added on a discretionary basis. If the event is already listed on the results page (top centre) please log in and use the Add performances page to add your result.

It will only work if you’re logged in. Events are listed by location. If not initially listed, please type part of the event name in the box just below the list, and click on the Find button.

If it’s not listed please log in and use the following form to tell us of any events you'd like us to include and be sure to put a direct link to the results page showing your name and time in the notes box

Once you have submitted it please be patient - we will add it as soon as we can. We can only add results that we can verify so please make sure that we can see your actual result easily.

·  When is the National Ladder updated?

We try to update the National Ladder at least once a month. We’re no longer always able to do this once a week due to the increase in number of events that we now add. If you click on the World, Confederation, National, Regional & County Ladder tab (top right) the date of the last update is shown at the top.

Please note - the National Ladder is only open to those who are eligible to represent their Country in international competition (ie Finland passport holders). Non-Finland eligible athletes are more than welcome to maintain a profile to collect event results but these are not ranked against domestic athletes. 


Are you definitely trying to log in to Mini Subbuteo & Exhibition Events (not The two sites look very similar and are part of the same family but run off different registration data.

·  Why can I no longer add my training tips?

The training section, where you were able to record your weekly training tips, was introduced in 2017 as part of the Reward Subbuteo competition that now uses event results only. In 2020, we connected with Subbuteo TV so you are now able to link your Subbuteo TV profile from your Subbuteo Database profile page and this has proven to be more popular.

To activate this connection, you need to go onto your Mini Subbuteo & Exhibition Events profile page and click the Connect button that is underneath your profile picture. (You can also disconnect this from your Account page). When you click the button, you will be taken to an authorisation page on Subbuteo TV if you have an account, or it will go to Subbuteo TV to explain what Subbuteo TV is with links to register and/or sign in. Once you have connected, a Subbuteo orange badge will be visible on your profile page and anyone will be able to click it to see your Subbuteo TV page where you have information of the training you have done in order to achieve your performances. This will give a much broader picture of your training, competing and activity


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